Makin' and Bakin' Since 1963'

Swing-In Pizza

Swing-In-Pizza in Bloomington Indiana is a pizza restaurant founded in 1963 by Fred Rice. We’ve been in operation for more than 50 years. We were originally located at 301 W. 17th Street. We’re now located at 1280 N College Ave.

A long standing tradition

We’re a local favorite because of our delicious pizza, which is cut into squares and not slices, and covered in delicious crumbled sausage, and for our hot Stromboli’s. Fred Rice passed away In 2004, but Swing-In Pizza still lives on with his wife, Charlotte Rice working there to this very day..

Hobo Character

A tradition of Swing-In Pizza is a hobo character on the pizza box who says the pizza is “Belly-Rubbin’ Good!”. Originally the boxes said, “recommended by Fred Rice.” When customers asked who Fred Rice was, they were told it was a hobo who got off a freight train and came into the shop. After trying the pizza, he said: “This is the best pizza I’ve had, and I’ve been all over the country!” To this day customers still bring in 12 cut out Hobos and are given a Free 1-Topping Large Pizza!